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NHS Network Payments by Results - smoking cessation
This network is for commissioners and providers who are interested in a payments by results approach to smoking cessation to share information, to discuss ...
NHS Network PBr and the Mental Health Clustering Tool
The ultimate goal for PbR is the creation of a national tariff. A national model for mental health currencies has been developed based on need that comprise a ...
NHS Network PCC associate network
Network to keep PCC associates up to date.
NHS Network PCC Brighton and Hove patient participation support network
An online network to support practices in Brighton and Hove to improve patient participation through the formation and supporting of patient reference groups.
NHS Network PCC Jersey Network
Network for PCC team Jersey work
NHS Network Pascal source code PCC National Steering Group
A network for members of PCC's national steering group
NHS Network Pascal source code PCC Practice management support reference group
PCC's online reference group to review and critique content of support package and elearning
NHS Network PCC Preferred Supplier Network
The PCC Preferred Supplier Network will be used to promote new opportunities in working for PCC.
NHS Network PCN estates network
Aimed at supporting PCN clinical directors with premises issues, offering guidance and a discussion forum.
NHS Network chemical/x-molconn-Z Peninsula Palliative Care Registrars and Trainers
This network aims to help the trainees and trainers of the Peninsula Deanery use evidence-based Palliative Medicine by discussing interesting journal articles ...