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NHS Network Troff document NHS Streamlining DiT
A private network for the national pilot organisations in the improving recruitment, induction and rotation processes for Doctors in Training.
NHS Network NHS Sustainable Futures
NHS Sustainable Futures network, helping the NHS save money, improve patient care and be more sustainable. Join the network for the latest Resources, Case ...
NHS Network NHS Travel Planning Forum
A forum for NHS Travel Planners to share best practice and offer support and guidance in all aspects of travel planning.
NHS Network NHS Tayside eHealth Project Delivery
Collaborative space for the internal eHealth Project Delivery Team.
NHS Network NHS trainer
Any one who teaches, trains or presents to staff within the NHS
NHS Network NHS Travel Planners Network
A gathering of minds sharing best practice and Travel Plan initiatives within the NHS.
NHS Network NHS & VHA Network
This is a site to exchange ideas and developments between the National Health Service and the Veterans Health Administration. The only way we can learn from ...
NHS Network NHS volunteer responder scheme network
Forum to receive feedback on the NHS volunteer responder scheme.
NHS Network object code NHS Workers Say NO!
A network for generating awareness of the NHS Worker Say No to Public Sector Pay Inequality movement.
NHS Network NHSCB Local Professional Networks (LPNs)
As part of continuing the co-production of proposals for the NHS Commissioning Board design for primary care commissioning, PCT clusters have been invited to ...