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NHS Network MoodMapping Bipolar Disorder and Mood Disorders
Network of patients and health professionals keen to promote better understanding and management of mood disorders through self management
NHS Network object code MOSQuITO
The group exists to co-ordinate and promote inter-departmental co-operation and support in all areas of quality management in Radiotherapy across departments ...
NHS Network Pascal source code MoU Governance Group
Welcome to the NW London MoU Governance Group e-Forum home page. You will find a wealth of information regarding the MoU and the Governance Group on this ...
NHS Network MSC Early Adopters
Collaboration area for those involved in the MSC Early Adopters project only. Lessons learnt and progress with MSC is available via regular updates on the ...
NHS Network MSC Genetics Training Managers
This network is for training managers in genetics laboratories to share experiences of delivering MSC
NHS Network MSC SHA Leads Meeting Members
Network for members of the MSC SHA Leads' meeting to share papers and information
NHS Network MTW Finance Staff
A place for MTW Finance staff to share news and information.
NHS Network Musculoskeletal community
A community of practice where leaders in musculoskeletal care can meet for peer support, sharing knowledge and experiences of the sharp end of service design ...
NHS Network Troff document My Medication Passport
Designed by patients for patients, My Medication Passport enables the user to record medications and other key medical information in a pocket size booklet ...
NHS Network My Shared pathway
My Shared pathway is part of the National Secure Services QIPP Programme. It is developing a recovery approach to identifying and achieving outcomes and aims ...