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NHS Networks GDPR changes


NHS Networks GDPR changes

To comply with GDPR changes which come into effect on 25 May, we are making the following changes to the NHS Networks website. Not all of these changes are necessary for GDPR compliance but are being made to address usability issues raised by network admins and members.

Import network members – guidance updated for network administrators - you will need to seek consent from all individuals before importing them to your networks. Members must consent to join the network. Network administrators should delete .CSV files of contact details once used to import members.

Privacy policy and terms and conditions –
These have been updated to include GDPR information.

The following changes will be coming soon.

Consent to receive communications from Primary Care Commissioning CIC – All NHS Networks users will be asked whether or not they wish to receive relevant communications from the site’s data controller Primary Care Commissioning CIC at the point of registration.

Deleting user accounts – We are adding a facility to enable individuals to delete their user account and any associated data from our system. We will make users aware that this option will end their membership of all networks and that they will no longer receive the NHS Networks Weekly Newsletter (if they were subscribers).

Opting out of individual networks –
We are adding a facility to allow members to stop their membership of particular networks. They will continue to receive the weekly newsletter and alerts from other networks if they wish to do so.

News alerts from NHS Networks – The default for news alerts will be switched from on to off. Users can still sign up to receive news alerts in their settings.

News and message board alerts from networks –
The default will be set to daily. Members can change their preference to other frequencies in their settings. Members will only receive alerts if content has been added to the network that day.

Unsubscribing from the newsletter –
Members have always been able to unsubscribe from the newsletter by ticking a box in their account settings. We will make this easier by providing an unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

We would like to reassure network administrators and members that it is our understanding that GDPR should not have an adverse impact on your ability to share information through NHS Networks. We would also like to remind you that we take the security of the site very seriously and take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of users and the confidentiality of data.

If you have any queries about the implications of GDPR for your network, please contact websupport@networks.nhs.uk