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An introduction to cancer: Anatomy, Biology and treatments


An introduction to cancer: Anatomy, Biology and treatments

When Nov 09, 2015 09:55 AM to Nov 10, 2015 04:55 PM
Where Manchester
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This is a two day course by David O’Halloran which presents a basic understanding of cancer.  Through a series of presentations, the speaker describes how cancer develops, the commonest types of cancer, cancer detection and treatment modalities.


Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to cells, tissues and                      
  • cancer             
  • Classification of cancer                        
  • The spread of cancer    
  • Overview of treatment options  
  • Female reproductive system &  

tumours (including breast)



Upon completion of this course delegates will understand:


  • Why cancer can be found in any           

places in the body        

  • Why knowledge of different cell            

types helps identify where certain          

cancers are more likely             

  • Why cancer has the ability to move       

and grow away from the primary           

site of origin    

  • The methods of spread such as            

local invasion, lymphatic and blood      

spread, seeding & transcoelomic          


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