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Virtual group consultations and Why skip/send it to landfill?


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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Virtual group consultations and Why skip/send it to landfill?

An article on group consultations that celebrates the patient perspective and experiences of receiving care this way from Alison Manson. Blog on reusing/recycling and saving money for a NHS Trust from Alex Ford.

Virtual group consultations – Creating the experience of healthcare we all deserve 

Virtual group consultations (VGC’s) have provided a great solution in the delivery of healthcare throughout the pandemic, allowing health care teams across the globe to deliver high quality healthcare.  Whilst telephone consultations seemed like a great and rapid response in the early days of Covid, healthcare teams quickly became disillusioned and worn out by the repetitive nature of the messages and care they were providing.

This meant that many healthcare teams were open to trying out virtual group consultations. VGC’s meet the quadruple aim of better outcomes, good value and enjoyable for patients and staff 1,2, however one of the great surprises for many people has been the experience and outcomes that patients have reported. Just imagine for a moment that we had a pill that could give us this kind of outcomes how many of us would be prescribing it or indeed taking it!

Whilst Group Consultations may not be for everyone even those patients that don’t take part benefit, as health care workers have more time available to spend with them.  Group consultations are between 300%-900% more efficient than traditional one to one consultations.  The full article and graphics can be accessed here.

Patients and staff alike enjoy them, please listen to some of their personal experiences by clicking on this link Group Consultations

Want to get involved then please get in touch at info@groupconsultations.com or join our Global series of lively webinars to hear more from patients and healthcare teams alike  https://bslm.org.uk/vgc/

Why skip/send it to landfill?

A fortnight ago our reuse, recycle office furniture and stationery, software system providers called Warp-it, kindly offered to do a blog piece about my five year journey with their system and the incredible, savings achieved for our NHS Trust.

Here is my journey  https://blog.warp-it.co.uk/fourthemergencyservice?hs_preview=GWPGmDpg-45439872177

Thank you again to Shropshire County Council, as last week we also collected another generous donation of unwanted office furniture and now in the process of distributing it through our 1000 plus NHS staff  Warp-it community network members.