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The digital voice of Blithering


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  • New redeployment service offers talent pool of motivated, work-ready individuals
    15 October 2020

    People 1st International have shared some of the work they are doing to support people displaced from industries due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There is an opportunity for health and care services to benefit from this workforce.

  • Link of the week
    9 October 2020

    Article published in the BMJ looking at the ability of the health service to quickly bounce back to pre-Covid levels of activity and considers if it is desirable.

  • Virtual Consultations– the patient perspective
    2 October 2020

    This week Jessie Cunnett, director of health and social care at Transverse has shared this article.

  • Virtual Consultations– the patient perspective
    1 October 2020

    This week Jessie Cunnett, director of health and social care at Transverse has shared this article - Virtual Consultations– the patient perspective.

  • Celebrating innovation in eye research
    24 September 2020

    This week Julian Jackson from VisionBridge has shared a report on eye research.

  • Link of the week: Comprehensive Spending Review and Covid-19
    24 September 2020

    This week we are sharing a blog that outlines the funding pressures and uncertainties faced by the health and care system

  • Risk stratifying elective care patients
    10 September 2020

    This blog has been shared by MBI healthcare technologies. As services are starting to treat routine patients those on waiting lists are making enquiries as to where they are on the list, and if they are still on the list.

  • Link of the week
    4 September 2020

    This week the link we would like to share are reflections from physiotherapy students on placement at Alzheimer Scotland https://letstalkaboutdementia.wordpress.com/

  • Link of the week
    28 August 2020

    This week we would like to share a blog published on the Mind website about being a BAME health worker in the pandemic.

  • Remote clinical triage model
    20 August 2020

    This week we are sharing how a remote clinical triage model was implemented at Tollgate Medical Centre. This has been shared with us by Sarah Portway, a Nurse, and Clinical Services Manager at Tollgate Medical Centre.

  • Can the Community Pharmacy become the gateway to integrated care in the NHS?
    13 August 2020

    The NHS is a continually evolving innovative demand led public service the role of the Community Pharmacist is becoming the public face on a journey to the more responsible public engagement in the personal care of individuals and their family. There are currently over 11000 Pharmacies many are single or small chain service providers, while multiples occupy the urban shopping centres and more densely populated conurbations, the value of the rural High Street can’t be understated.

  • Crunch time for patient involvement
    7 August 2020

    There are new challenges for primary care, which could really do with patient input. Mike Etkind, chair of a PPG and founding member of his PCN’s patient group, recognises the size of the task clinical directors have managed over the last few months but identifies two particular issues where patients have a necessary and valuable contribution, that need to be addressed now – the 2020 vaccination programme and primary care from a distance- total triage, remote consultations, and the use of telemedicine.

  • Link of the week - Visionbridge
    31 July 2020

    The link we are sharing this week was submitted by Julian Jackson, Visionbridge.

  • Links of the week
    23 July 2020

    This week we are sharing two articles with you.

  • Link of the week
    21 July 2020

    The blog is from the perspective of the Company Chemist Association's Chief Executive Malcolm Harrison.

  • Link of the week
    9 July 2020

    This week we are sharing a blog from the NHS Confederation’s “NHS Reset” looking at the work of Healthwatch, the role of volunteers in supporting patients being discharged from hospital and the importance of the community.

  • Virtual education sessions on spinal cord injury from Spinal Injuries Association
    2 July 2020

    This week Karen Mikalsen from the Spinal Injuries Association shares some information on their work and events for healthcare professionals.

  • Guest blog:Karen Chumley
    25 June 2020

    Thank you to Karen Chumley for a second blog –this time on the local use of an Electronic Palliative Care Coordination system during the Covid-19 pandemic. Karen is the Clinical Director and Deputy CEO at St Helena.

  • Link of the week
    19 June 2020

    This week's link of the week is article by Yasmin Khanagha published in Nursing Times – Why we need to open the conversation about racism.

  • Guest blog: Dr Karen Chumbley
    12 June 2020

    This week we have a guest blog submitted by Dr Karen Chumbley, clinical director and deputy chief executive at St Helena (https://www.sthelena.org.uk/)

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The digital voice of Blithering

The @Blithering Twitter account, which goes live this week, promises to lift the lid on the local health service.

Each week a different patient or frontline professional will curate the account, selecting the very best health related tweets to share with @Blithering’s literally tens of followers.

The authentic grassroots community resource is the brainchild of director of digital experience and footprint engagement Martin Plackard.

He said: “Hospital beds, A&E departments and doctors are all very well, but what really matters to ordinary people is having a voice – and for a generation that grew up with Tetris and the dial-up modem, that means we have to be on the latest social media platforms.”

“@Blithering is by Blithering for Blithering”, Plackard said, promising that there would be no censorship of posts or attempts by NHS Blithering top brass to influence the content.

The Blithering comms team has produced a light touch guidance document – An Operating Framework for Social Media Engagement (Twitter Edition) 2016/17: Towards Spontaneity – but “compliance is optional”, Plackard said. 

“This initiative will fail if it is in any way seen as top down. That’s why our guest curators will be genuine frontline professionals like Dr David Rummage and Dr Liz Wanhope, plus some patients hand-picked for their ordinariness,” he said.

The CCG would only intervene to block trolls or those engaging in abusive behaviour, Plackard said.

“People need to know that this is a safe space. A lot of people are anxious about engaging on social media, so we need to reassure them that it’s never acceptable to abuse someone just because they happen to sit on the board of the local trust.”

Not everyone has welcomed the latest Blithering innovation.

Leader of the local council Alan Spume told the Argus that @Blithering was “the worst kind of tokenism, a waste of public money when services are on their knees, and arguably the most pointless and patronising idea to come out of the CCG since the Blithering Citizen Ceefax service”.

Dismissing Councillor Spume’s remarks as “nit picking”, Plackard insisted that @Blithering had been agreed only after extensive consultation with local people.

He cited the annual Blithering Involvement Survey, which asks the community how involved they feel and what more could be done to involve them.  Asked to choose between the new Twitter account and a post-apocalyptic future without food, running water and access to basic services, a remarkable 98% of people opted for more social media, focus groups and surveys.

“With services under strain, people are clamouring for opportunities to work with local health leaders to co-produce integrated place-based and person-centric community facing solutions in a collaborative way”, Plackard said.

He used the example of patients facing a nine hour wait to be seen in A&E. “Instead of looking at a three year-old copy of Heat magazine or shouting at reception staff, people will now be able to share their constructive ideas for service improvement via @Blithering.”

The NHS is 68.

Digital curator: Julian Patterson


Anonymous says:
Oct 21, 2016 09:26 AM

@Blithering has been suspended! Already. So we won't get to see Dr. David Rummage's favourite tweets on completely legal offshore accounting practices next week.

Anonymous says:
Oct 21, 2016 09:29 AM

Surely we missed the chance for the Twitter handle to be @BlitheringmeansBlithering

Anonymous says:
Oct 21, 2016 10:27 AM

Fear not - in true SocMe stylie @Blithering has re-emerged as an underground account @UnderBlithering

Julian Patterson
Julian Patterson says:
Oct 21, 2016 01:35 PM

Dear all - thank you for your support. We are not at liberty to disclose why @Blithering has been blocked but certain arm's length bodies, the Russians and Donald Trump's campaign team have all been lobbying hard. So much for transparency.
pp D Rummage