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Proud to have a 50 a day habit


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Friday, 4 February 2011

Proud to have a 50 a day habit

Other people’s statistics are meaningless, but we’re proud of ours. NHS Networks now has 501 networks registered on the website. We don’t know how many people are in all of these networks because some of them are hosted elsewhere.

What we do know is that we have 21,641 registered users of the site – two-thirds of whom subscribe to this newsletter – and that by the time you read this the figures will already be out of date.

Since Christmas, when we passed the 20,000 mark, around 50 members have been joining each day. Visitor numbers are peaking at 2000 a day.
So much for the numbers: what does all this traffic amount to?

What networks achieve for their members, for clinical practice, for the NHS and for patients isn’t captured by Google Analytics and can’t easily be summarised here.

Send us evidence of your network’s achievements and we will make sure people get to hear about it – via this newsletter, our daily news service, our press contacts and any other channels at our disposal.

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Better roads, no cones

There are roadworks on NHS Networks but you shouldn’t experience any disruption to your journey.

In the next day or two we will change the way the login system works, so that once you’re logged in you stay that way until you decide to log out.

It is standard now for websites to give users the option to stay logged in. It saves having to remember all those dull user names and passwords. It does mean that you need to make sure you log out if you’re sharing a computer.

Another change is that network admins will be able to create folders where members can post their own documents. At the moment all content except posts in forums is mediated by an admin.

This doesn’t feel very collaborative to us and it results in unnecessary drudgery for the network admin.

In its first iteration the folders function will only allow documents to be added – members won’t be able to move, edit or otherwise change them. We may widen the policy to allow individual networks to set whatever level of control their members feel is appropriate.

In the next few weeks we will also make email alerts less intrusive. These are a great tool for flagging up news and other new content so that you don’t need to come back and check to see what’s changed, but ad hoc alerts are a pain for members of busy networks that regularly post a lot of new content.

In the very near future you will be able to control the frequency of alerts so that you get a single message a day informing you of all new content or a weekly round-up. We will keep ad hoc alerts for forums in case you want to stay tuned in to an interesting discussion, but if you just want to dip in and out, we’ll give you some options there too.

Please give us your feedback on these developments and any other aspect of the site and we’ll do our best to keep the road ahead clear and free of traffic cones.

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