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Make time for values


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Friday, 21 June 2019

Make time for values

Most of us would like to be more values-based, but finding the time can be tricky.

If you fancy trying values but don’t feel ready to make a long-term commitment, Blithering Values Week runs from 24 to 28 June – long enough to get up to speed with compassionate leadership but not so long that it interferes with your plans for the weekend or gets in the way of real work.

Try before you buy-in

NHS Blithering acting head of values Martin Plackard says: “We all aspire to values but most of us are too busy doing the day job to give them our full attention. Values Week allows people to find out if basic standards of decency are for them."

"Values may not suit everyone,” he warns.

Plackard cites evidence from prominent thought-leaders to show that even brief exposure to values can benefit you and those around you.

“As Sir Trevor Longstay is fond of saying, a little values-based behaviour goes a long way,” he says.

“If everyone in the NHS had values for just one week, imagine the difference it could make.”

Counting the change

Values Week is accompanied by a suite of online resources. These include a self-assessment framework to measure your value quotient (VQ) and track your progress from calculating careerist to selfless, inspirational leader.

There is also a role-models toolkit in the shape of an Excel-based dashboard – or “cashboard” – that allows you to calculate the impact of different beliefs and convictions on your career trajectory and salary package.

The Values Week Activity Planner sets practical challenges for aspiring leaders starting with a step-by-step guide to building your own moral compass.      

Those interested in working towards a prestigious Master of Values qualification can take advantage of a wide range of bitesize training and development modules accredited by the University of Blithering’s management studies department. Choose from:

  • Walking the Walk – adopt the confident gait of a winner
  • It’s Not About Me – getting the most out of humility
  • Change Starts at the Top – authentic hairstyles for leaders
  • Taking Others With You – collaborative journey planning   
  • Keeping it Real – best websites for sourcing heart-warming anecdotes and personal stories

Other resources include a “sharing pack” of downloadable posters and leaflets. Cut and paste your choice of values from empathy to compassion to humility, add a photo of yourself putting the interests of others first or being unassuming about a significant achievement, and get in to work early to leave them lying around.

Send an email later in the day thanking whoever was responsible but asking everyone to remember that you have no desire to take the credit for the work of the team. 

Virtue is its own award

The Values Week Awards celebrate values-based success and reward people who are too busy showing how much they care to find time for self-promotion.

Go the Blithering Values Week website to nominate someone you really admire. Or go the extra mile and nominate someone else.

Making-a-difference editor: NHS Networks



Anonymous says:
Jun 21, 2019 10:12 PM

Is there a Blithering Institute where managers can attend bite size modules?

Anonymous says:
Jun 24, 2019 09:37 AM

I thought values was what happened on the Antique Roadshow until I joined the NHS...