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Don’t miss out - the Blithering Awards are back


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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Don’t miss out - the Blithering Awards are back

The deadline for the Blithering Success at Scale (BS2) Awards has been extended for a third time to give you a further opportunity to get the recognition you deserve.

The lack of entries to date means you stand a great chance of success – increase your chances still further by booking up to 10 tables at just £125 a head. Or sponsor an award category and get a seat at the Celebrating Leadership table and your photograph in the Blithering Journal with head judges Martin Plackard, Liz Wanhope and Sir Trevor Longstay.

The BS2 Awards is your opportunity to shine, whatever your actual level of competency or achievement. Previous winners have gone on to

  • Disappear into the obscurity whence they came
  • Be exposed as a charlatan or worse, usually as the result of a Journal investigation
  • Disgrace and/or jail.

The runners-up (or “losers”) come back year after year to celebrate success, drink cheap wine, network with colleagues and share learning and bodily fluids. It all takes place in the prestigious surroundings of the Blithering Cricket Club pavilion and later, after the Spread Disco, in the intimacy of the nets.

This year there are more categories than ever – 243 to be precise – to celebrate the enormous achievement of the Journal’s sponsorship packages sales team. So once again celebrity compere, the hilarious comedian Les Dennis, will have the opportunity to revisit his side-splitting “four hour waits until coffee” material.

Award categories include:

  • Clinical commissioning group of the year (must be viable at date of awards or have a published viability plan)
  • Self-styled clinical leader on Twitter of the year (entries closed due to high volume of demand)
  • Compassionate clinical waste company of the year (sponsored award)
  • Innovative healthcare app of the year (must be innovative)
  • Chief executive of the year (must have no impending or ongoing disciplinary hearings or criminal investigations).

Every entry will be judged by the same six criteria, each with its own dedicated judges. The criteria are: vision, compassion, plausibility, earnestness, enthusiasm and diversity. The judges will be asking such searching questions as: What was the ambition of the project? What outcomes, if any, have there been so far? How compelling is the evidence in terms of number of pages? Does the entry come with an embarrassing video? How many tables did the organisation commit to?

The judging panel is also bigger than ever, with no less than 83 leaders, influencers and subject experts hand-picked for their availability and value for money. They include Blithering Council leader Alan Spume, hospital chief executive Stephanie Stent, independent brand consultant Natalie Plackard, chair of the Blithering Chambers of Commerce Dr David Rummage, visiting professor of truisms from the US Don Tweed and a junior health minister from the Wilson government, Anthony Redbridge.

Head judge Martin Plackard said: “We’re looking for examples that show not just ambition but what the Greeks call hubris, that special extra something that says we’re doing this at a scale and pace that hasn’t been tried before.

“If you’re a true innovator, it may be too early to talk about outcomes, so tell us instead about promising early signs of success and provide details of your social media rollout and spread plans. Is it transformative? How transformative? How passionate are you about transformation?

“What have you done to get buy-in and ownership? What about patients – have you ever met one? These are the things that will really impress the judges.”

Entries for the BS2 Awards close at noon on 22 November. Send your nominations to julian.patterson@networks.nhs.uk or @NHSnetworks.

Editor: NHS Networks

Anonymous says:
Sep 15, 2017 01:07 PM

be there or be squared