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Bloganeering brothers in arms


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Friday, 4 March 2011

Bloganeering brothers in arms

The first rule of NHS communications is to include all stakeholders. The second rule is not to upset any of them. For inspiration think Ministry of Wellbeing advisory on seasonal flu or appendix 34 to the pharmacy control of entry regulations.

Whether we go along with the direction of travel, lurches to the left and right, handbrake turns and death defying plummets from political cliff tops is irrelevant.

The main thing is not to discuss them. Preferably not at all, ideally not in writing and definitely not in public

So, rock on Roy Lilley, Paul Corrigan and your buccaneering brothers in bloggery. All power to your irresponsible elbows as you tell it like it is and just as often like it isn’t.

We salute your pirate flags and your jolly rogering of the powers that be. The rest is silence.

* * *

NHS Networks is putting in a guest appearance at the Healthcare Innovation Expo in London next week. The organisers begged us to be there and we took pity on them. Seek out our stand if you want to find out more. Helpful people will be on hand to answer your questions. There will be fruit.

There will also be an NHS Networks workshop where we will share details of the development plan for the service. There will be fruit here too.

We’ll be talking about a completely redesigned user interface built around the individual, which we plan to introduce within the next few months. With characteristic originality we have dubbed the new user centric vision of NHS Networks “No network about me without me”.

Fruit will be provided in the delegate packs. Copies of the slides will also be available.

* * *

Dial 1 for Roy Lilley, 2 for Paul Corrigan and 3 for further details of the event.



markdrury says:
May 27, 2011 10:54 AM
is: you do not talk about NHS communications. ;-)