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Blithering Covid-19 bulletin plays vital role


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    31 July 2020

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    25 June 2020

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    16 April 2020

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  • Blithering Covid-19 bulletin plays vital role
    2 April 2020

    To fill a gap in the market for timely and relevant Covid-19 information, Martin Plackard, director of global crisis communications at NHS Blithering introduces his latest initiative to reach out to stakeholders during the outbreak.

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    27 March 2020

    We asked Sir Trevor Longstay, chief executive of the NHS Blithering University Hospitals Foundation Trust and commander-in-chief of the Blithering Covid-19 Taskforce to give us some practical tips on social distancing. Here he shares some of the lessons learned over four decades of leadership – not all of them relevant or epidemiologically sound

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    9 January 2020

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  • Martin Plackard’s top tips for making a difference in 2020
    3 January 2020

    NHS Blithering’s Martin Plackard MBE was recognised in the new year honours list for services to strategic communications and meaningful engagement. Here he gives his top tips for others who hope to make a very real difference to people, communities and their own career prospects in 2020.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Blithering Covid-19 bulletin plays vital role

To fill a gap in the market for timely and relevant Covid-19 information, Martin Plackard, director of global crisis communications at NHS Blithering introduces his latest initiative to reach out to stakeholders during the outbreak.

“In common with all other NHS organisations and mainstream media we’ve decided to issue an hourly bulletin containing vital information about the Covid-19 crisis including recent national guidance, heartwarming stories from the frontline, emergency planning hints and tips, latest clinical updates from NICE and Mail Online, a round-up of the latest strategic thinking from Sir Trevor Longstay and his team at the ICS, and useful links to thousands of other essential tools and resources.  

“We’re kickstarting Issue One with coverage of our groundbreaking Covid-19 survey, our social media appeal for volunteers to lead community online clapping groups and news of leading GP Dr David Rummage’s probable return to frontline medicine.”

Turning Generation Z on its head

Results of our “19 on 19” survey to find out what 19 year olds think of coronavirus show that most young adults (97%) are against it while many of the rest are not sure. Asked to rate the pandemic from 1 to 5 where 1 is not at all bad and 5 is extremely bad, most respondents gave it a 5, showing that contrary to popular opinion younger people take things very seriously. Almost all of those surveyed revealed that they would be sad if they or someone close to them fell ill with coronavirus.

Martin Plackard said: “The findings challenge everything we thought we knew about people born at the turn of the century. Members of Generation Z not only care about the impact of fossil fuels and single-use plastics on the environment, they also care about the spread of deadly infectious diseases. Our young people are literally incredible.”

Plackard said the findings would inform a social media campaign to involve young people in virus-related programmes including Active Staying at Home Week (6 to 13 April) to celebrate lockdown. “We want young people to come together to make social distancing happen,” he added.

Inclusive ungatherings 

Bev Heaver, director of the Blithering Future Transformation and Far Horizons Academy will be hosting a series of Zoom ungatherings starting with a remote empathy workshop on Tuesday 7 April. Other planned events are “We’re all in this together: the role of inclusion”, “How to use WhatsApp to beat the virus” and “Change agents - more relevant than ever?”

Bev also promised a new regular #CovidOnMyMind tweet, in which she would share her latest thoughts about how pandemics change power dynamics and create new leadership paradigms.  

Rummage to stage comeback?

Dr David Rummage is “strongly considering” a return to medicine. Dr Rummage, Blithering’s foremost GP and longest serving medical director says he is “aiming to work towards a phased return to part-time medicine”. He adds that he is “torn between the desire to roll up his sleeves and stand shoulder to shoulder with brave colleagues risking their lives on the front line, and the need for vital support work in strategic commissioning”. Rummage has reluctantly concluded that he should prioritise the work that directly touches the lives of ordinary people and continue in his commissioning role. “I got into this job to save lives,” he said.

In other news…

NHS Blithering is appealing for Clapping Champions to work with local communities to identify all those who should be recognised for Covid-19 related acts of kindness in a series of themed virtual claps.

Sir Trevor Longstay has reassured local health organisations that he is doing “everything humanly possible” to unblock supplies of vital personal protective equipment (PPE).

Sir Trevor has faced criticism from some quarters after his waste management and clinical supplies firm emerged as the surprise winner of a fast-tracked procurement process to accelerate production of PPE but failed to meet delivery deadlines.

“I’m immensely proud of my people who are working night in day often in intolerable conditions to keep our profit margins safe,” he said.

Sir Trevor promised daily updates on the situation, and said he fully expected supplies to come on-stream “in the fullness of time, if not before”.

Editor: Julian Patterson