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A strong and stable Blithering


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Thursday, 11 May 2017

A strong and stable Blithering

Independent parliamentary candidate for Blithering and East Churlish, Martin Plackard sets out his vision of transformation, a properly funded health service and fairer hospital parking. In this leaked draft of his manifesto, Plackard pledges to out-pledge all the other candidates or your money back.

I make no apology for putting our NHS at the heart of my campaign to stand as your Member of Parliament in the forthcoming election.

Wherever I go I hear people say that our NHS is a cherished institution, a precious legacy to be passed down from our older people to our children and young people - and to their children and young people’s children and young people.

Our continued health and wellbeing depends on the sustainability of the NHS. Not to mention the jobs of the selfless and dedicated staff who work tirelessly to bring you the critical communications and media relations services without which the NHS would literally grind to a halt and fall off a cliff.

You’ve never had it so good

That’s why the final version of my manifesto, which I plan to leak next week, will contain a number of very specific policies, all of which are as fully costed as they are transformational.

These include a complete review of mental health to be accompanied by unprecedented increases in compassion and parity of esteem. To those who say “But what about the money?” I reply simply that we have an unwavering commitment to reduce spending in other areas to the extent that mental health will eventually be on an even footing with physical health.

Simon Stevens said recently that whichever party won the election the NHS would need to roll up its sleeves and get on with making the Five Year Forward View a reality.

But it’s not enough that we roll up our sleeves. We need to know how far to roll them, we need to know what good looks like, and we need to support the less advantaged to come up to the standards of the best.

Above all, we should not discriminate against those without sleeves, particularly our wonderful nurses.

I intend to make Blithering a rapid test site to accelerate the roll-out of the national roll-up programme.

Make Blithering great again

So-called STP areas have come in for a lot of criticism. We will set up an independent body to review whether or not local plans need reviewing, an independent regulator to guarantee the independence of the independent review body, and a new Department of Independence to ensure transparency and hold Independent Reviews England accountable to Parliament.  

I further pledge to end time-limited strategies such as the Five Year Forward View, which is to be streamlined and extended. The new Forward View will look forward indefinitely. There will also be no limit to the number of steps STP areas are permitted to take next.

Hospital parking has been a hugely controversial area. Many people have complained about the cost of parking, so I propose to abolish charges altogether. This will allow commuters, shoppers and local businesses to benefit from our excellent hospital car parks, which have until now been used exclusively by patients and their families.    

Tough on health, tough on the causes of health

We intend to make the children of Blithering the healthiest in the world. Given the current state of our young people and the persistent cycles of deprivation and ill-health, we propose to import healthy children from abroad to kick-start our indigenous kids – subject to getting the right deal on Brexit.

We are putting prevention and self-care at the heart of our manifesto. We plan to introduce a cap on care for those who choose to age irresponsibly or become needlessly unwell. We also plan to penalise those who refuse to tackle their own health inequalities. It’s all part of a general crackdown on demographics, the main cause of the problems facing our NHS today.

So where will all the money come from to fund this progressive programme?  If we are to get the services we deserve, we need to be prepared to pay for them – and the main burden must fall on those with the broadest shoulders. Once elected, I will introduce a new very high level of tax to kick in at just above the salary of a middling to high earning director of communications.

Make no mistake. We will not shirk the hard choices.

Political editor: Julian Patterson 


(Dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Patterson. With huge thanks to the staff of Bedford Hospital and to Andy and Tom of the East of England Ambulance Trust.) 

Ali Chapman
Ali Chapman says:
May 12, 2017 07:39 AM

You certainly get my vote.

Julian Patterson
Julian Patterson says:
May 12, 2017 08:33 AM

Thanks, Ali

david seabrooke
david seabrooke says:
May 12, 2017 08:58 AM

NEWS UPDATE - Blithering & East Churlish election candidate Martin Plackard confirms that he is NOT under investigation.
SPORTS NEWS - the Chairman of Blithering FC directors confirms that club manager Joe Scuttle has the full support of the board.

Julian Patterson
Julian Patterson says:
May 12, 2017 09:07 AM

Joe Scuttle. Excellent!