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November 17. 2011
Kiran Cheema

Hi Guys

I was wondering if there were any plans to make Networks extensible? 

As a web developer it would be great to add extra functions either through an API or by just using I-frames.

a couple of examples: I have a database full of "jargon" and I have created a Jargon Buster Page on my-site.nhs.uk if we could add I frame pages this could then be added to a network.

The same goes for forums and info pages hosted on other websites. it would allow networks to become more of a one-stop shop, rather than navigating through to other websites. 

Just a thought ...

February 17. 2012

Hi Kiran,

We have an iframe page template, which we'll be adding to the network admins toolbox in the next few days. I'll try to remember to post here when it's available.

February 20. 2012

Hi again Kiran,

As promised the iframe pages template has now been added to the toolbox. To use it, open the toolbox as normal, then open the Add new content section. Towards the bottom is a new item "Add new frame page". This opens up a form which, when completed will create a new page with an iframe in it.

The title and description fields are what appear in the navigation, and the URL of frame field is the address of the external web resource you'd like to link to on your page. The width and height fields default to display the embedded resource in a box the full width of networks and 500px deep, but you can alter these to suit your requirements.

Add comments here if you have any further questions about this.

February 21. 2012
Kiran Cheema

thanks very much! This is very awesome and I look forward to using it! 

Kind regards


February 21. 2012
Kiran Cheema

Hi Tried out the I frame and it works Brilliantly (check out the ESR DWUG Group sickness rates tool) the only thing is that it's a bit strange loosing the navigation? it would be great if you had the option of full with or 75% with navigation ... Other than that it's Brill just what I was after

February 21. 2012
Kiran Cheema

Ah slight issue? I have a documents section, tried to add an Iframe link. I frame link created, show in my news feed.. not showing in the section it was created in? is this to do with the section type I was trying to add it to?

February 22. 2012
Ben Eveling

Can you post a link to your network? I'll check it out and get back to you.

February 22. 2012
Kiran Cheema
February 24. 2012

Suspected as much. The listing inside the web section type ignored the new iframe type. I've fixed it, so your new frame page shows up with the rest of the items in documents.

February 28. 2012
Kiran Cheema

Thanks Ben

All works fine now! will be adding more content to my networks!

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