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Can admins see e-mail alerts for their posts please?

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August 25. 2011
John Paul Maytum

A small request:


I know that for most of the time that the e-mail alerts have been going it's been the case that the admin generating the content for the alert doesn't get sent the e-mail alert. (And actually I'm not sure if it's just the person generating the alert or all the admins)

I find this rather frustrating, and think it would be much better if admins got a copy of the alert as well. Currently I have had to set up separate accounts just to be sure that the alerts are going out.

I'm sure that most admins wouldn't mind getting the alerts for their own content - but I'm happy to hear what others think.


The best parallel is if you think about ringing a doorbell. You don't need to hear the doorbell - because you know you've pushed the button. But it's really helpful to hear something so that you know the person you're ringing might well have heard the button too.





September 12. 2011
Julian Patterson

That idea rings a bell with me. I'll discuss it with the techies.


NHS Networks team

January 10. 2012
Fran Husson

Was there a reply to JP's initiation question which was a very good one. As an admin, I too would like to receive a content alert everytime I upload new material.

Thanks ... and Happy New Year to all!!



January 11. 2012

As an admin, I would like new content alerts for my group, period. For some mysterious reason (unconnected with the recent holidays), these group alerts have ceased - though not the network alerts. What's going on?


Nick Ford.

January 12. 2012

Hello Nick, Fran and John Paul,

I just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know that I am getting our dev team to have a look at this. 

You are right, the admins of the networks should get the alerts so that they are reassured that the alerts are working. 

Nick, can you check your alert settings within the 'my profile' screen and let me know if the alerts are on for your group and also which group it is? If you can send me a screen shot of that screen to websupport@networks.nhs.uk


Web Support

January 12. 2012
Gordon Adams
The forum alerts should be working again.
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