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March 02. 2018

Why are some Trusts spending money on 'updating' what should already be obsolete systems and avoiding going paperless.

I've worked in a paperless hospital where there were no casenotes, so no time wasting on making up casenotes, ordering/tagging, transporting, filing etc because every piece of paper is sent to Scanning Team to be scanned onto the system.  Everyone with a PC has access to patient records at whatever security access level they need, the offices are clear of paper, casenotes ... and more to the point ... these paperless hospitals are hitting their 10 day target of getting clinic letters out to GP's and patients.

Why, why, why are some Trusts still WASTING valuable financial and human resources by updating obsolete systems?  What are they afraid of going paperless?  Why do they not collaborate with other Trusts who are paperless?  Why are they so old fashioned, uninformed, terrified?  Or are those who make these decisions just bloody incompetent, ignorant and too lazy to become informed?

March 28. 2018
Anthony Mark Pybus
Youre right! But (some)surgeries seem posively hostile to electronic communication, (fear of overburdening clinitions ? admin staff? or just fear of change?
April 17. 2018
tina byrne

I find it very frustrating that we are still being asked to fax items across to hospitals & other surgeries! To still be faxing or posting referral requests is just so antiquated & we have no audit trail (a fax receipt is for delivery only, not confirmation that the correct person has received it), so we insist on an email address.

We still meet with resistance, though, & I suspect this is because there are secretaries/receptionists that have been in post a long time & are nervous of I.T.

April 23. 2018

Because only 10-15% of the staff is up for change. NHS has more than half of the staff in 45+age group, no offence but this age group is resistant to change (acceptance of new technology), they simply don't want any changes (difficult to learn). It takes time to break this bureaucratic circle. It's sad because it's happening in the UK, one of the top leading tech country (not a public sector) in the world and to see this happening in here is a shame it puts you in the same line as Ukraine or Romania where we should be as same as Germany. Once NHS become fully privatised (within 10y) only then you will see real change.

And it's not only this, you have around 30% of the admin and senior managers staff doing nothing, absolutely nothing. That's why also they don't want any change.

I'm a foreigner, and what I see in NHS is quite shocking. How money is wasted in the inefficient old fashion bureaucratic system and when someone wants to challenge it they been told: "do you want to lose your job?"

Ref: https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1108/JMP-06-2013-0194

Ref: https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/2869/578a42c6328a822ef4c479c48bd07a2e00a6.pdf

April 30. 2018
Nick Richens

NHS have more than half of the staff in 45-55 age group, this age group is resistant to change'.....I think 1) This is an ageist comment and 2) It is untrue.

People who resist change generally do so based on (amongst other things) information available or experience and not age ! 


June 25. 2018
Teresa Allen

Does anyone have experience working with volunteer groups and supporting them to go paperless?

June 29. 2018
angshu bhowmik

Anonymous April 23, you don't seem to have read your own reference before posting here:

Ref: https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1108/JMP-06-2013-0194

This paper says that older staff are less resistant to change - exactly the opposite of what you are arguing!

DOI: I am over 45 and moderately happy to accept new technological advances. I just wish we had more powerful computers in the NHS to embrace such advances.


Thursday 09:30

I feel the fax becomes a piece of paper in A&E which can be picked up by anyone, hopefully the clinician who is dealing with it and reading a piece of paper on the go is supposedly easier - as any sheriff will attest especially the ones that got billy the kid (or some other famous outlaw in the 1870's when this technology was introduced

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