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What are you using to record your hours?

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July 04. 2017
Hi all - my employer uses a very very clunky shift management program to record hours and shifts. It's meant to be updated to our own employee access web account but very rarely is. Therefore whenever I have a query regarding my hours or shifts I end up looking at a hugely complicated user unfriendly screen over my managers shoulder. This usually ends up with me discovering I owe hours... I have no idea how this is possible as I work 3x12 hr shifts one week followed by 4 the next which I need to do to pay back this deficit in hours. As I feel that this system is not massively accurate I've tried recording my hours using pen and paper and looked at various apps/spread sheets to do it automatically and wondered if anyone has a recommended app/spreadsheet or other system?
July 05. 2017
Tim Pinder

Without knowing what your contracted hours are it's impossible to give anything but general advice. However, make sure you record all your shifts at the time. Use a diary, send yourself an email, whatever. The important thing is to be able to show where the system differs from what you know to be reality.

If you're not in a union you are pretty muh on your own

July 05. 2017

Hi Tom - I'm on the usual 37.5hrs full time contract. It's not a union issue as yet, more one of the system being opaque. I accept that a diary etc works quite well it's just I'm useless with them - that's why I was wondering about iOS apps to record hours - I suspect a flexitime app may work best but wondered if anyone else uses one and any recommendations?

July 06. 2017
Tim Pinder

There are a bunch of iOS apps that claim to do time recording for small businesses (which is effectively what you need). I can't see any advantage to them over using a spreadsheet but then again I've already invested the time into a spreadsheet so it does what I need.

July 10. 2017
pauline tyler

I use an excel spreadsheet to record hours worked which I'm happy to share with you if you want to provide an e-mail address

July 11. 2017
Paul Byrom

Hi Pauline,

I would value your excel spread sheet to record hours as you have offered.

my email address is paul.byrom@cwp.nhs.uk

many thanks

July 12. 2017
David McLean-Thorne

Dear Pauline,

I would be very grateful if you could also send me a copy of your excel spread sheet.


Kind regards and many thanks,





July 21. 2017
Trevor Fossey
Hi Pauline I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy of your excel spread sheet Trevor.Fossey@Outlook.com Best regards and many thanks in anticipation Trevor
January 31. 2018
Rachael Hogg
Hi Pauline, would you be able to send me a copy of your excel spread sheet? Rachael.hogg@cumbria.nhs.uk best wishes Rachael
February 09. 2018

Dear Pauline,

I would be very grateful if you could also send me a copy of your excel spread sheet.


Kind regards and many thanks,


November 21. 2018
Anonymous User
Hi Does your trust use a rostering system? Roster Pro? Allocate? It should be sufficient to record your hours in a diary and have a check with your manager on a weekly basis so you can keep an eye on it. Thanks
November 22. 2018
Dear Pauline May I also request your spreadsheet? amanda.gaughan@nhs.net
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