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Upgrading BT Identity Agent to Identity Agent v1/v2

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September 14. 2017
Can anyone give any advice/provide a resolution for the below issue: A GP practice have just upgraded their clinical system from Microtest to EMIS Web. During the upgrade our Desktop Support Analyst noticed that the practice were still using the BT Identity Agent (I’m afraid I am not sure if it was v11 or v13). Although this version was working fine for the practice and is compatible with EMIS Web it was decided that as this version is no longer warranted/supported for most SPINE applications and in the event of a Live failover, Spine sessions created through BT Identity Agent will not migrate, we would take the opportunity to upgrade all the machines to HSCIC Identity Agent v1 (we did not install NHS Digital Identity Agent v2 just in case there are still compatibility issues with EMIS Web whilst the practice are still getting used to their new system). The majority of the practice’s machines are using Internet Explorer 11 and Java 6 Update 17. The BT Identity Agent was uninstalled (using the Windows uninstaller in Control Panel/Programs/Programs and Features) and then the HSCIC Identity Agent v1.0.5192.22379 was installed using the standard .msi installer. On inserting a member of staff’s smartcard (which was an 05 version) we received the error ‘There was a problem reading your Smartcard. Please remove and re-insert it’. This happened with a number of other 05 smartcards (my 08 Oberthur smartcard seemed unaffected). I didn’t get a chance to test with other smartcard versions (04/06). The following fixes were attempted to no avail: • Reinstalling HSCIC Identity Agent v1 • Reinstalling the smartcard (Omnikey) reader drivers • Reinstalling the Gemalto middleware • Reinstalling the Microsoft C++ 2010 Redistributable supporting component • Clearing the Java cache and temporary files • Deleted the ticketapi.dll file from the folder: C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\ext\TicketApiDll.dll (as I understand an error can occur if this residual file is left on the machine after the previous version of the IA client is un-installed) • Ran a script to switch back on the service ScardSvr.reg. When BT IA 11 gets uninstalled it switches off this service which can lead to errors • Uninstalling Identity Agent v1 and Installing NHS Digital Identity Agent v2 (we got the same error) Looking at a trouble-shooting guide I have since found there are a couple of things we didn’t try which may have fixed the problem: • Upgrading their Java from v6 to v7/v8 (Does Identity Agent even look to the Java version when a smartcard is inserted?) • There was another location where a residual file resides that may need to be deleted as well, this is - C:\program files\gemplus\gac\ticketapidll.dll (the gemplus/gac folder relates to BT Identity Agent as I understand) We also weren’t able to test if upgrading straight from BT Identity Agent to NHS Digital Identity Agent v2 also caused the same error. Obviously the above could have implications for any organisation still using the BT Identity Agent if they are upgraded to Identity Agent v2 and don’t have an 08 version smartcard. I don’t believe the same issue will occur if the organisation is moving from Identity Agent v1 to v2, as I have tried this myself on my work laptop without issue.
September 15. 2017

Hi, the v5 cards are Gemalto cards.  Do you have Gemalto Classic Client Patch installed on the machines? Or it could be it may not be working correctly.

September 20. 2017

Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty certain when I checked the installed programs that the Gemalto Classic Client patch was listed as installed, but on reflection I'm not 100% certain that we tried to reinstall/repair it. An issue with the Gemalto software would explain why I was able to log in with my 08 card whilst the 05 cards were causing problems. Thanks again.

October 02. 2017

An update on the issue, it is now resolved.


You were right Khalid, it was a problem with the Gemalto software not working correctly.


For some reason when the old BT Identity Agent was removed, rather than uninstalling the Gemalto software completely it appeared to corrupt it (i.e. all the installation files and folders were still there but the program itself didn't function. When attempting a modify/repair using the official Gemalto Classic Client 6.1 Patch 3 installer this didn't work as it couldn't see the installation, so the fix was to use the installer to first uninstall the patch (which did remove all the left behind files/folders) and then reinstall the Gemalto Classic Client 6.1 Patch 3. All 04/05/06 and 08 version cards now read correctly.

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