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Problem reading the smartcard (Oberthur)

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January 17. 2018
Sanchita Shrestha

We are receiving the error message on version 08 cards: 'Problem reading the smartcard. Please remove and re-insert'.  This error message seems to be occurring randomly.  When a user log on to the PC which has AWP 5.2.0 & NHS Oberthur middleware installed, the card is working fine and user can easily log in.  We have been advised that the Oberthur middleware can only be installed on RA's machine and can not be deployed to trustwide, it has become really difficult. 

The same issues can be resolved by Gemalto Healing on Ver05 & 06 but this does not help v08 cards.  Is any one experiencing same/similar issues? Is there any way, to assist the end user remotely?


January 18. 2018
Carole Varndell

Yes I have had at least four 08 Smartcards that has happened to with in the last couple of days so have had to 'destroy' them in CIS and print new cards. Unfortunately I haven't had the chance to see how their equipment is set up

January 23. 2018
Sanchita Shrestha

Hi Carole

That is the same thing that we have been doing but in end user's perspective, it is just a waste of time coming to RA's office every time they have issues logging in.  And more or less, they are right.  A new smartcard that is issued should not have issues like this.  And if you have AWP software installed in your PC, then it would not bring any error messages.  So, I am just hoping if someone has the similar healing process in action as the one we have for V05 & V06.  This would help the users big time.

February 09. 2018
David Cherriman


I am having the same problem, but to get it to work, do you have to remove the Gemalto middleware for it to work? I can see where you are coming from - for users to do this, it is extremely annoying when doing both 6 & 7 cards and now Version 8.

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