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SystmOne and time out

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September 11. 2017
Pete Scott

Has anyone come over an issue with SystmOne after it lockouts from not being used for more than half hour. It does not always come up with the error. But we have found this happened after we started rolling out the HSCIC IA V1 and then advised to uninstall the Oberthur Middleware by TPP as this was an issue they had come over, but this still does not work.

September 12. 2017


We have the same issue as in the attachment. I wonder if its something to with the registry settings as below

Its set to 1800 seconds (30 mins) by default as below on Normal and Session Mode

The error could also be due to smartcard drivers however i am due to visit a site and investigate on Thursday.





The time (in seconds) that the user session is allowed to be idle before it ‘Windows locks’ the screen (1800s = 30m).

IT Administrators might want to review this timing in relation to individual needs within the service.


This timer is active in ‘Session Lock’ and ‘Normal’ modes, and ‘Mobility mode’ whilst the Smartcard is present. In ‘Mobility mode’ whilst the Smartcard is removed, the IA v2 mobility idle timer takes over and ‘IdleWaitPeriodInSeconds’ is stopped.

September 12. 2017
Pete Scott

Thanks Khalid if you could let us know your outcome it maybe helpful

September 14. 2017

Hi Pete, Do you have access to Slack or an email where i can invite you

It's where we have Identity Agent issues and discussions which may help also.

September 29. 2017
Pete Scott

Yes I do have log in to Slack



January 24. 2018
Michael Blakesley
Hi everyone I am experiencing the same issues but see from the above the resolution is on Slack ? How do I get access please ? mike.blakesley@nhs.net
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