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Finding a complete list of CCGs

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March 08. 2012
Kate Ebbutt

Does anyone know where I can find a complete national list of CCGs? I can find regional lists, but can't seem to find the national data anywhere.

March 09. 2012
Kate Burke

Do you want a list of CCG names or members of the CCGs?  There is a text list of pathfinders on the DOH site (search for CCG pathfinders - I can't paste the link) but I haven't seen a useable data list yet. 

As for members of CCGs, I'm not sure there is one yet.  Individual practices are still moving from CCG to CCG and I am told they don't have to formally decide which CCG they are part of until 1st April. 

However, if anyone does have a list, please share with us!

March 09. 2012
Tom Roper

Binleys Online lists them all, they say (299 when I checked just now) and give staff details for most.

It's available through an NHS Athens account

March 09. 2012
Tom Roper

That said, for my local one, Coastal West Sussex, the entry reads:

'This GP Consortium is a Pilot for NHS West Sussex, it is proposed to be in shadow form by 2011. All current details are subject to change. Pathfinder Status achieved December 2010.'

Last time I looked it was 2012

March 12. 2012
Kate Ebbutt

From looking around, the best complete list I can find - in an accessible format is from The Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/healthcare-network/datablog/2011/jan/12/gp-commissioning-consortia-map-data

Though it doesn't contain any contact details of course...

March 18. 2012
Tom Roper

HSJ have now published what they claim is a full list of CCG leaders: http://www.hsj.co.uk/home/commissioning/ccg-leaders-full-list/5042807.article

You'll need a subscription to see the full text; your NHS Library & Knowledge Service should be able to help


March 21. 2012
Emily Kinally

Can anyone send me the HSJ list? I don't have a subscription!



March 22. 2012
Tom Roper

I fear it would be a breach of copyright to send you a copy, but if you contact your NHS Library & Knowledge Service, they will probably have a subscription to the digital version, or the hard copy.

If you're not sure which is your nearest, search at http://www.hlisd.org/index.aspx

March 22. 2012
Emily Kinally

Thanks Tom!

March 22. 2012
Kiran Cheema

Hi Emily ,I've just picked up this thread. 

APHO are maintaining a list it is available here:


it is the december position (which might not be the most up to date) but should give you a starting point. 

Best Wishes 

March 23. 2012
Kate Burke

This is a very useful link and will help me out no end!  It does say that they are updating regularly so it's just a case of checking back every now and then.

Thanks Kiran!

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