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Pay scales and training team remit

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October 23. 2018

Hi all,

I've found much evidence to support Trainers being at Agenda for Change Band 5. Are others able to confirm whether their training teams are Band 5s or other? And what is the remit of your IT or Clinical Systems Trainers? Eg  does it just involve training on clinical systems, MS apps, basic IT etc, or do they also manage and develop eLearning, set up accounts, do all the admin (bookings, feedback forms etc.)? 

My team currently do all of the above for a Band 4 which I'm trying to challenge.

Many thanks.

November 08. 2018

Hi, I'm a band 4 trainer.

I do all of the above, and I'm also responsible for the system Admin of 2 major systems. I'm fully qualified (lvl5 E&T previously DTLLS and hold 3 seperate industry/role relevant degrees), have coming up on 7 years direct IT Training experience across multiple trusts, as well as thousands of hours of experience providing training on various subjects outside of my day role. 

I've also spearheaded our digital training initiative from inception to maturity including both eLearning creation and creating an organisational LMS to hold the SCORM packages. This approach is now the baseline for our commercial digital training solution and has enabled generation of £20k+ in revenue so far that i am aware of. This was all in addition to my standard role covering the majority of the services face to face training, acting as lead trainer on most new system rollouts, performing admin, servicedesk support, etc.

I was previously told a level 5 qualification in training would be sufficient for a band 5 role, so i got it, but now I'm told that to become a band 5 i need to have staff reporting to me, which is an impossibility due to the size of the team.

At present I'm looking at how an E&T Standard accreditation for the service can be tied to the NHS Digital outlined trainer roles (https://digital.nhs.uk/services/training-quality-improvement/training-job-descriptions). A service accreditation + a performance review saying your staff are at or above standard then just leaves the argument of how to cross reference the NHS Digital outlined roles to your local staff roles. 

Best of luck, and let me know if get anywhere with it! 


November 09. 2018
Laura Jerwood

We have our IT Trainers as a band 5 role within our trust.

They focus on the Trust clinical system, write their own training materials / scripts (which go through the team change management process for approvals and sign off) We also have online guides, and looking at eLearning.

They organise the sessions, and do all the relevant "admin" associated.

The main training is organised via the Trust induction policy, but they also do routine sessions across the month for people to book into.

They are also involved in projects for designing training and delivery for the new implementations.

Additionally, due to the size of the team they do also get involved with system administration (smartcard management and user config) but that is supporting the staff who do the majority - plus it helps they can do this when people turn up without the basic logins created.

Certainly not a band 4 role.


We are currently reviewing the role as more and more additional work had been creeping into their day to day work, but their JD is certainly a band 5 based only on the training.


Happy to share the JD if needed, just email me and I will dig it out.

January 07. 2019
John Rhodes

This is a subject that has been central to the teams I've managed over the last 10 years and due to general decentralisation of the NHS something that is currently down to each Trust to decide upon.  They can look at the national guidance but, as the word implies this is only 'guidance' and cannot be enforced nationally. 

I've found, having worked across 5 different Trust/NHS Organisations that the grading usually but not always is mirrored within other roles in those organisations up to Band 8 (though please correct me if you have found otherwise).  So you may find IT/Clinical System Trainers at Band 4 and perhaps an It Technician at Band 3 in once Trust but in another find the IT Trainer at 5 and the IT person at Band 4.

In some cases where I've questioned the lower banding I've been informed that the role was reviewed in the past and not re-banded.

Ultimately if you can build a good case and use the national guidance from the NHS TQI team (Training Quality Improvement) and the national E&T Standards - https://digital.nhs.uk/services/training-quality-improvement you may be able to overcome the barriers (budgets shrinking, the perception by some that training is not a profession etc.). 

Often the lower banding leads to trainers leaving for better pay at nearby NHS organisations that have the better banding.  Plus Trusts with lower banding find it harder to recruit suitable staff unless there is a distance to other NHS Trusts etc.

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