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GP Surgery Telephone System with EMIS Integration

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February 27. 2018
Kerry Ford
Hey all, We have just got a new phone system installed that integrates directly with EMIS. It is really good so I wanted to share what we've learnt. We searched the market for 6 weeks, getting quotes from different companies, before finding the best phone system for GP surgeries. It was a long process to get the right phone system and provider, so hopefully this post will save you time. Now it's completed I will say it's a great result and has been worth the wait and effort. THE PHONE SYSTEMS AND PROVIDERS WE FINALLY CONSIDERED (AND THE PROS AND CONS): BT - BT Cloud VOIP Phone System. http://home.bt.com Pros: - All on "one bill". - 500 free minutes per handset per month. Cons: - DOES NOT integrate with EMIS. - If internet fails the phone system doesn't work. - Support with BT is slow (we were with them before). - Requires expensive maintenance for support - High start up/installation fees. Yo Telecom - SIEMENS (UNIFY) Hybrid Phone System. https://www.yotelecom.co.uk Pros: - DOES integrate with EMIS. - Unlimited free UK minutes per handset per month. - Hybrid phone system works with both digital and internet lines. - Yo Telecom specialises in GP Surgeries. - Free staff training. - 7 year warranty. - Monthly payment, no upfront charge. Cons: - Not the cheapest. - Require payment by Direct Debit. Talk Talk - MITEL VOIP Phone System. https://www.talktalkbusiness.co.uk Pros: - "Low cost" call charges. - No install charge (you set-up the phones yourself). - No extra maintenance fee. Cons: - DOES NOT integrate directly with EMIS. - Depending on how technical you are, set-up may be difficult as it's "self install". - If internet fails, the phones don't work. --- These are just the final three companies out of 6 we spoke to. We went with Yo Telecom, and the result has been great. THE INSTALLATION AND TRAINING. The installation took around 3 days, during that time the installers were fixing our mess of cables, programming the system and setting up the handsets. The training was quick, simple and easy to pick up how to use the new phones. THE PHONE SYSTEM. One of the main reasons we chose Yo Telecom was that they can integrate with EMIS. This saves so much time when pulling up patient records and our entire team are raving about it. So that is a nice result. Our old BT system use to be engaged after 6 people were on the phone. Patients use to complain, especially on Monday mornings. The new phone system has call waiting, and there is practically no limit to the amount of callers. If we're all busy on the phone, it puts them into a queue and tells them we'll be with them soon. The handets are very easy to use. We also got cordless ear pieces for some handsets so we don't need to hold the phones to our ear. We signed up to the "Platinum" package, so we got Call Recording included. We're now starting to use this to train staff, and I know there are going to be times it helps with complaints or abuse - although we havn't had to use it for that yet. SUMMARY. If you're looking for a new phone system for your surgery, I can highly recommend Yo Telecom. Throughout the whole process they've been great. And they integrate directly into EMIS and that works so well.
March 05. 2018
James Harley

We have just gone through a procurement in Worcestershire and whilst yet to award I was extremely impressed with Surgery Connect - http://www.x-on.co.uk/service/surgery-connect/healthcare-phone-system.htm

Need to be wary when they vendors say EMIS Integration.  A lot of them use 'third party' products like Patient Connect rather than native integration that's been developed specifically by the vendor.


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