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Wifi Access survey for the NHS

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April 13. 2013
Gary Kennington

Survey WiFi Access from NHS Staff bawmedical.co.uk/lime/index.php…

Please complete help ensure infrastructure for #paperless #NHS#ccio @johnpopham


May 09. 2013
Valeria Merksim

What is the end result of this survey. How much the access range of the WiFi? The basic question is if the range is good enough to access then it might be expensive side. We have to choose it with in our range. They are installing or not?

May 15. 2013
Richard Trusson

I notice there are 547 responses, a very small fraction of the total NHS workforce.

How many organisations are covered by the responses? Is there one per organisation or are they clustered in a very few?

It would be interesting to explore the last question more and find out how many, of say, the 20 most commonly used applications and services could 'just work' over an intermittant connection, such as Wi-Fi, and how many would struggle.


September 19. 2014
Marcus Baw

There ended up being about 750 responses after 6 months of the 2013 Survey running. I freely admit this is only a fraction of the NHS workforce, but given that NHS England were totally unaware of the actual prevalence of WiFi access and have NO data on this themselves - then 750 responses is better than nothing.

I am re-running the survey for 2014, it's just been launched at http://bawmedical.co.uk/lime/index.php/696915/lang-en


Please use your networking clout to help me get a more representative sample this year!


Marcus Baw @marcus_baw



December 03. 2014
Malcolm Teague

I would recommend Marcus's presentation on the 2014 NHS Wi-Fi survey at e-Health Insider Live this year at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcGu7kMHz-I .

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