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December 08. 2017
Tom Byford

Hi All, I've been registered for a while on here but not posted anything. I am interested to hear how Trusts have managed to set up LGBT+ Staff networks. I am also the Staff Unison LGBT REP at my trust.

I have already been in contact with our HR department and I have been to some of the Staff talks. that the Trust has held in the Past. I have also had people contact me because I have the Key term LGBT+ on my Profile on our Intranet.

It would be great to set something up with my Trust and I believe the Trust want to be more inclusive not just for Staff but for Patients aswell. I have also called out a few people on their use of Non inclusive language which they were surprised about. It shows there is still a lot  to be done but its good to get there slowly!

December 11. 2017
Maeve Malley

Hi Tom, I'm the Chair of our Trust LGBT+ Network and would be happy to chat about it. Essentially, we have had great Heads of Equality and HR, who've been very supportive and have also had good support from Stonewall - have you been in touch with them?

I think that when everyone is really busy, it can be hard for Trusts to value Staff Networks as much as they should, but getting buy-in and support from the Heads of HR, and the Trust Board more generally, is immensely helpful. Also meeting jointly with other Staff Networks - a joint training day a couple of years ago with our BME Network really built good relationships and regular meetings with the Chairs of our BME Networks and Lived Experience Networks are very helpful.

Also, perhaps the Trust might be interested in the idea of submitting an entry into the Stonewall workplace equality index  - it's a lot of work, but really accelerates how the Trust has to scrutinise how accessible, supportive and aware they are to and of LGBT staff and clients.

NHS London/England have quite a lot of expertise too and were enormously helpful in our involvement in the Pride march this year - worth getting in touch with them too.

The Sexual Orientation Monitoring standard, recently introduced, may give you a good jumping off point to focus attention on the requirement for Trusts to take this a bit more seriously - your head of Equality will be having to think about this currently, so perhaps you could be involved in those discussions?


March 05. 2018
Tom Byford

Hi Maeve,

It would be great if you wouldn't mind I'm on the NHSMail system if you use that





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