NHS Networks smashes membership milestone

Thursday, 4 September 2014

NHS Networks, the online knowledge and information hub aimed at health sector workers, today announced that 100,000 subscribers now benefit from its free resources that help streamline and improve efficiency within the NHS.

As well as providing a responsive virtual workspace for members to engage with each other to share knowledge and best practice, NHS Networks helps colleagues keep up to date with events and developments from across the healthcare sector through its reliable news services.

Members of NHS Networks have established almost 1,000 specialist networking groups to facilitate co-working and peer support. These virtual groups complement or sometimes replace more costly real-world meet-ups and are used in conjunction with NHS Networks’ comprehensive free learning resources and lively online forums.

Mark Peters, coordinator of the Neuro-Linguistic Programming In Healthcare Network says, “NHS Networks is one of the most innovative ideas to come from the NHS.  It’s the ideal place to easily and nationally share ideas and developments that often get stuck at a regional level.”

Every week around 400 new members sign up to NHS Networks and the demand for support is increasing month on month.

NHS Networks manager, Maria Axford says, “With ever increasing demands put upon NHS employees’ time and budgets, this free virtual resource has proven to be a cost-effective way of enhancing learning and everyday working practices.

“The demand we have experienced for NHS Networks clearly demonstrates the valuable contribution it plays in consistently supporting the ever changing health sector.”

To read more about NHS Networks and to subscribe to its services, visit www.networks.nhs.uk