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Editorial policy


Editorial policy

Inclusion of material

We encourage contributions of material from:

  • NHS staff, contractors and board members - as individuals, networks, organisations or partnerships
  • Partner organisations in the public, private and community/voluntary sectors and from patients and the public.

Such material is posted in good faith, on the explicit understanding that the information is submitted with the consent of the authors and is free from copyright, data protection or other restriction. We promote the use of plain English and invite contributors to use the NHS Networks style guide.

The submission of reports, good practice material and documents from NHS organisations should normally be supported by a director.

Contributions from non-NHS partners should be in collaboration with an NHS network where possible.

The source and authorship of documents will be credited on the website.

We reserve the right not to accept contributions.

We decide how and where on the site material is posted but we will try to respect contributors’ wishes wherever possible.


Material will be posted in the public areas of the website, open to any visitor. Contributors will be reminded of this fact.

We reserve the right to edit titles and summaries to make them clear and pithy.

Individual networks may choose to restrict access to their materials. In these cases we will encourage the release of appropriate selections of material on public areas.

Exclusion of material

We reserve the right to decline to post or to withdraw material which in our view is offensive, malicious, inaccurate, misleading, unhelpful, or of poor quality. In arriving at these judgements we will be guided by members of NHS leaders’ networks.

Exclusion of endorsement and warranty

Publication of a document on the website does not imply endorsement of its contents, or warranty of its bona fide status, by NHS Networks.


The purpose of these discussion forums is to encourage sharing of information and networking within the NHS and its partners. Views expressed are solely those of the contributors; NHS Networks makes no warranty as to the accuracy of any statements.

Commercial advertising of services or products is not permitted in forums.
Comments posted in forums may not be published in any form elsewhere - whether reproduced, quoted, or paraphrased - without the prior consent of their originator. Before referring to material contained here in any public domain, please contact the editor for advice.

Responsibilities and accountabilities

All contributors to the website are expected to abide by this policy.
Day to day responsibility for its implementation rests with the editor, who accounts for it to the NHS Networks lead.

Complaints and comments

In the first instance should be directed to the editor.