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Simple Telehealth

A collaboration and sharing domain for NHS & VHA professionals in participating .nhs.uk/.nhs.net/.va.gov organisations to innovate with Simple Telehealth (STH) and Florence.
A collaboration and sharing domain for NHS & VHA professionals in participating .nhs.uk/.nhs.net/.va.gov organisations to innovate with Simple Telehealth (STH) and Florence. (less...)

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Guest Blog: Malcolm Fisk on the European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services
The political imperative to reform the way in which health and care services are provided is now well recognised. What is not sufficiently recognised, however, is the extent to which...
15:51 - Thu 23 Oct 2014
Guest blog: Accreditation to the EU Telehealth Code
Richard Stubbs, ex Newham WSD Programme Manager and currently Telehealth consultant to East London NHS Foundation Trust, reviews the experience of supporting the first organisation to be accredited to the...
10:08 - Thu 02 Oct 2014
Background to the Development of the US Department of Veteran Affairs "Annie"
A background to the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) development of "Annie" and her relationship with Flo. For more information please contact Lisa Taylor, Senior Specialist, Simple Telehealth lisa.taylor2@northstaffs.nhs.uk
12:15 - Wed 03 Sep 2014
The US Department of Veteran Affairs introduces Annie!
The technology, methodologies and use of Simple Telehealth across the UK support the US Department of Veteran Affairs launch of "Annie"
18:13 - Thu 24 Jul 2014
Flo's use for patient with mental health conditions
Donna Cantrell, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership (NHS) Trust and Simple Telehealth Clinical Advocate Winner (2014) provides an overview of suggested applications for patients diagnosed with a...
15:10 - Wed 09 Jul 2014
Guardian: Why Technology is no Longer a Barrier in the NHS
Article in The Guardian summarising a recent seminar discussing how the healthcare sector can ensure large-scale IT projects are implemented both efficiently and effectively. The event brought together a panel...
11:41 - Tue 01 Apr 2014
Inside Commissioning: Tackling Telehealth
"How CCGs Can Commission Successful Telehealth Services" Practical report on approaches by CCGs to successfully commission telehealth. Lead author Dr Ruth Chambers, GP /Clinical Telehealth Lead at Stoke-on-Trent CCG and...
09:29 - Tue 01 Apr 2014
Jayne Birch-Jones & BBC Radio Nottingham
March radio interview describing how Florence is used in Nottinghamshire and East London. When the file is downloaded a .mp3 extension may be added to the filename. If the file...
11:29 - Fri 14 Mar 2014
Copyright & Sharing
Simple Telehealth is owned by the NHS and many people are happy to contribute their work and creative endeavours to help develop and promote Simple Telehealth and its licensed service...
18:01 - Fri 29 Nov 2013
What’s the future of digital delivery of general practice based care?
18:45 - Tue 26 Nov 2013